1. it helps in the agricultural field by providing statistics of the weather conditions in a particular area.
2. it helps in communication throughout the world in every field of life.
3. it helps to clean as well as control air traffic.
4. it helps to report and alarm about disasters in order to prevent catastrophic conditions.
5. extends help in war conditions
6. it helps security organisations to transmit classfied data anywhere in the world and keep a track on networking.
Astronomy satellites - Hubble Space Telescope 
Atmospheric Studies satellites - Polar 
Communications satellites - Anik E 
Navigation satellites - Navstar 
Reconaissance satellites - Kennan, Big Bird, Lacrosse 
Remote Sensing satellites - Radarsat 
Search and Rescue satellites - Cospas-Sarsat 
Space Exploration satellites - Galileo 
Weather satellites - Meteosat
These are the types of sattllites