Give me my answer in detail. like goodmorning ladies and gentlemen.i am ariba your host and dost welcome back you all to this show kaun banega baazigar. you all know that the topic of the game is always changing so today our topic for the game is based on sound..................... tell me more new attractive beginning



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I m a quiz master then by ur saying i m also the host of the show and if tpic is sound then i would start saying something about the sound which we hear how do we gear what are its parts telling about wherever actually here it from and would just take a test i mean to  say listening test r skills i would ask from what i have told i would first prepare all the words i m going to speak. and then i would prepare questions and ask them.
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Good morning india, welcome to ur favorite sjow aaj ki aawaz. Its ur host apoorva here. Today we have a cery special theme, and its.....,,,,,,, its sound.,.,, this evening, its going to be grand with bhoomi trivedi, the rising singer of bollywood wid us.....