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1. Resist the urge to attack it with a broom or stick

2. If the snake is in the garden, spray it gently with a water

3. If the snake is in an open area like the foor and not moving much, the best thing to do is to place an object over it like a heavy blanket or towel.

If the snake is found in a drawer, behind furniture or somewhere difficult to access, leave it alone; move all family members away from the immediate area
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Why to kill an innocent ? Let the snake go by self..Now for your safety get yourself away from the snake easily and make no noise cause snake cant see they just hear..That is all the snake will b gone.
There is no force..You can choose any of these answers..Now its upon you what you want to be. A Murderer or A Saver.
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I don' take thanks until its coming from the heart.Thank you.
First step to be taken is just move away from the snake.
Then look for something that could be put over the snake like a heavy mat etc.
Then inform someone elder who can help you.
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