All over the world we have an abundance of culture and language that make up human society. Each and every one of these traits of society is unique and special in their own way. Perhaps one of the most interesting phenomenon of society is language, how we speak and communicate, but to those who do not hear spoken language have no use. These groups of people have developed their own language, one that uses hand signs and body gestures to communicate. This form of communication is called Sign Language. No one really knows where and when sign languages began but it is known to have developed over time from many people and is almost as diverse as spoken language. It is an amazing part of society and to those who helped develop it we owe them our gratitude because if not for them we might have never been able to bridge the gap between the hearing and the non hearing. 
It might be noted here that sign language also has a complex grammar structure and those who don’t have a passion to learn it will not get it. In the United States the most common signing is the American Sign Language (ASL) which is used the most. It is very complex and very visual. Nonetheless it is a complete linguistical natural language used by thousands of people. The American Sign Language shares very little with English and should not be considered a broken or gestural form of English.