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If the Iliad (which has to be known before reading the Odyssey), is about the Trojan War then, Odyssey is about Odysseus's cunning and his daring adventures. At the Homer's Odyssey, we see that Odysseus is coming back from Troy to his kingdom, Ithaca to his wife - Penelope and only son - Telemachus. At the beginning, we see that Odysseus is kept captive at Ogygia by Calypso - the goddess nymph, daughter of Atlas, who fell madly in love with him and was unreluctant to let him go. The goddess, Athena, daughter of the mighty Zeus, took this fact into attention in front of all the other Gods and goddesses in a banquet - about Odysseus's imprisonment by Calypso. They soon rescued him from the clutches of Calypso and, eventually after long 7 years he becomes free. Unfortunately, he had blinds the fierce, meat-eating Cyclop, Polyphemus – son of Neptune/Poseidon. So, thatswhy, Poseidon refuses to help him but rather gives him many barriers throughout his journeys. He was given the permission to harm Odysseus by Zeus. However, whatever the cost; he could not kill him. After escaping from Calypso’s island; he set sail for Ithaca. Meanwhile; back in his country, Ithaca, the condition was even worser; his kingdom was being totally devoured by his wife’s disgusting suitors. Penelope had shown some wish to re-marry as she had given Odysseus up for dead. For that, hundreds and thousands of suitors began to gather at Odysseus’s castle and begin to live, roam and eat around at his castle making merry, doing jokes and laughter. Really, they had no desire of marrying Penelope and were more interested in staying at her castle and feed on its supplies. Day by day; they were making the trouble increase more and more. Penelope, who had absolutely no intention of re-marrying at the first place, kept doing a cunning trick. She announced that she will marry one of her suitors after she had finished making a cloth for her father-in-law – Laertes; but, instead of ever finishing it, she weaved and at night undid all her work, again. In this way, Penelope kept delaying her marriage. To tackle the situation, Athena, comes in a disguise of a man down from Mount Olympus and inspires Telemachus to be bold and handle his father’s position. She advised him to explore for finding his beloved dad – Odysseus. Telemachus goes in the search of his father, in secret and also before leaving for his expedition; he held an assembly where he boldly told the suitors that he was the rightful ruler of the castle and demanded them to go away from their castle. But they don’t listen to him. Telemachus wanders around many places distinctly searching for his lost father; and had a long adventure; he was sent in the expedition by the Gods to make his name outside of Ithaca. While Telemachus is on pursuit; his father and his men were also having numerous fatal adventures which were taking place because of Neptune’s wrath. They visit Circe – the beautiful witch and nymph, the Underworld, the island of the Sun-God, the sirens and many more, with the support of the mighty warrior goddess– Athena. So, we can see that Neptune always keeps giving different punishment upon Odysseus and Athena acts as his defender. Atlast, when Odysseus returns home disguised as a beggar, he scouts things out and finally plots to kill the suitors, which he does with the help of his son. In this way, he regains his kingdom. And so, the story comes to a happy end.