Tradition and modernity are two terms used to express a whole range of differences between distant development stages in a society. Tradition will always refer to the ways of the past and modernity to what is happening at the moment or will soon happen. Hence, it is quite natural for elder to lean towards tradition whereas young people usually propagate modernity as the better option. The question is though - do we really have to choose? Many would argue that we should keep to the traditional ways of living. On the other hand, you can also meet thousands who will say that the modernization is the only viable way for humanity to proceed forward. The truth is though that tradition and modernity are both extremely complex concepts and it's virtually impossible for a person to live by the rules of only one of them - balance seems to be the key. Traditional approach represent ethics, religion, widely acceptable behavioural patterns which for many, means a lot. Young people tend to stray from this path praising the modern - liberal ways above the traditional approach. On the other hand, religion and tradition is full of ideas which are not applyable to modern societies and they cannot be fully transfered. Why? Because people live in a completely different way nowadays, they are more concious and well-educated. At the same time, some of the modernists go so far in their struggle for "the new" that they produce ridiculous ideas. They might seem interesting but they are not really valuable. In my opinion, the best balance between the two is following ways of the tradition anywhere, we can apply them without compromising our beliefs - being loving, respectful, ambitious, good, friendly and so on. Adapting them to the modern tools, societies and ways of living should give you the best experience of life you can get. Being a good man at the same time seems to be as good advantage as any!
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Firstly we r proud to be an Indian because we have good tradition since ancient time a.tradition means simply to say that the culture which have been designed for one specific role for suppose our India has some great fests and nice culture and particular dressing these all are comes under  tradition but now a days people are forgetting those tradition completely .                                                                                                                         MODERN: now a days most people are addicted to this by following others  .people  should be updated but should not follow others  .                                          PEOPLE PLZ GET UPDATED BUT PLZ AT THE SAME TIME REMEMBER THE TRADITIONS  OF OUR COUNTRY   DONT FORGET WE ARE INDIANS BE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN .       jai hindh
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