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    This is swach bharat abhyan (SBA) after one year.  If it is long (3 minutes) for your asl duration, select one or two sentences from each paragraph.  That will do good.
   Swachch Bhaarat is a five-year campaign of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on 2nd October, 2014.  Mr. Modi himself had cleaned a road in Delhi to initiate the campaign in style.  Modi talked of its importance in many speeches.  Gandhiji wished that Indians learn hygiene and practice it.  So Modi started it to realize Gandhiji's dream.  A year has passed with officials expressing satisfaction over the progress as per plans.  It is like a social welfare scheme at the national level with priority.

Technical details:

 Aim of the Abhiyaan is to give every person access to
     1.  Sanitation facilities (including toilets),  solid and liquid waste disposal    systems, village cleanliness.
     2.  Safe and adequate drinking water supply.
     On many weekends people and celebrities spent their time to clear neigbourhoods in their towns and cities.  Swachch Bharat mission was to take up 4,000 towns for 5 years spending Rs 62,000 Crore.

    Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan mission works in the rural areas for Drinking Water and Sanitation.  They will make many household toilets and public toilets.  They will manage the municipal waste too.

   We are to commit to "We don't pollute or litter, nor we will allow anyone to litter".   It needs just about 2 hours a week for each person.  For making India clean, garbage bins were being donated for putting them at every street corner.

Schools and children:
   Schools too took part in this. Government of India issued orders to the Boards of Education.  The boards in turn had advised the affiliated schools.  Toilets are be built in about 25,000 schools. Schools need to keep their campuses clean and not litter around.  There are reports that many toilets have been built.  Many children cleared their own campuses of garbage.
    Children will become used to working with clean environment.  They are also educated regarding the various aspects of health and impacts of dirt and garbage on health.  Many competitions on the program, like painting, debate, slogan writing, and essay writing were being conducted.  I am sure that every student is now aware of the mission and their role in the mission.

Progress and publicity:

     Now and then the media shows video clips and news on the subject of Swachch Bharat. The target for the completion of mission is the year 2019.  Many celebrities have been invited by the PM for publicity of SBA.

    TV, newspapers and radio have spread awareness.  Many celebrities are officially selected as brand ambassadors.  A lot of money has been allocated in the new budget of 2015 for this program.  Tax concessions are also given for people's contributions to SBA.

    Some state governments, for example AP and Telangana, have started local Swach programs.  Also, police have made some prisoners in jails to clean roads and some public areas during the month of May.  Many officials have cleaned up their office surroundings and their residential complexes of the dirt on some week ends.


    We have to keep our tables, rooms, houses, schools and surroundings clean.  If possible, we participate in the programs organized nearby.  That is all needed by SBA.  We do it and others will follow it.  Many leaders, ministers, officers, doctors have organized cleaning programs in their villages or residential areas or working areas.  Uncleanliness and hazards have been understood by the public.

    After about 12 months of its beginning, I hope that Swach Bhaarat mission is successfully progressing and has not lost its initial momentum.  I would not wish to see any reports of misuse, corruption, don’t-care attitude and negligence in this mission.  Would you either?

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