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1.No in this today world not all are treated equal.They are discriminated as the rich and poor.
2.Constitution is a document which provides the set of rules according to which a government runs.
3.It gives the future generation the understanding of when what object was invented and an importance of those dates.

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1.As there is peace,there will always be war. It is like the two faces of the same coin. Likewise, inequality, hatred, pain prevails in the modern era. We are just at a temporary peace,that is maintained by a number of treaties. Nuclear wars and global conflicts.
                     There are parts in the world where we suffer from RELIGIOUS INEQUALITY. India too,is a victim. We,even though in the 21st century,are still unable to achieve universal harmony.

2.We are governed by a democratic government and the rules and regulations of our functional government are laid by the Constitution of India. It explains the relationship between the government and the people.So,technically,you can say that the Constitution is a set of rules according to which a country gives all sorts of "limits" that a government should not exceed and misuse their given priviledges.

3.Dude,are you serious? I mean like,dates are history,man. It is a whole lot important for 
recording event and"Nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima" or "The first satellite on Mars" etc. etc. Wouldn't you want to remember your own birthday? :D 
I hope I am able to help.
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