Morning meal is called breakfast because when you have the morning meal you actually break a fast of around 10 hours as you eat dinner in the night before at around 10:00 and eat next at 8:00 in the morningĀ (the timings are according to me ... yours might be different).
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as we ate the diner and around 8 hours n eat in the morning we break the fast that we kept for a long time
THE TIME IN WHICH WE HAD NOT ATE ANYTHING IS CALLED FAST and during the morning meal we eat something so we break the fast thats y it is called breakfast
Morning meal is called breakfast bcus we have it in the morning after a large period of tym of having sleep which is considered as fast and after waking up in the morning before we start all our work in a day we have breakfast which is breaking of fast which we had at nyt.
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You eat dinner at 6 pm, go to bed at 9 or whatever, and don't eat again until morning. The period of not eating is called a fast. When you stop fasting you are said to break your fast.