May be it is.But it is not so much of reliable.And we don'tĀ even have any acceptable process by which we can produce energy of it.
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what an answer not expected from u
Im really sorry maam.Can u please tell me the question clearly?
the question is that what are effects of heat on the nature that is because of reliable resources
Exothermic effect is an chemical reaction by which energy is released in the form of light or heat.
Now we have reliable resources in these days like LPG gas,CNG gas,Petroleum,.. etc Fossil fuels,Nuclear power..Now all these process emits energy by which we can light up our home, make food travel by car etc. etc. But by these process co2 and co gases gets produces which are effecting our atmospheric temperature ozone layer etc.So according to your question Exothermic effect of These natural resources are in actually harming us and our world.