A bar magnet is moved along the axis of a circular conducting loop placed at some distance from the magnet. the loop is observed from the side of the magnet. there will be an induced current in the coil in the clockwise direction then
a)when the south pole faces the loop and the magnet moves towards it
b)when the south pole faces the loop and the magnet moves away from it



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Applying the 3 finger rule for the directions of magnetic field, force, and current, I suppose the answer is   a).

South pole is facing the loop.  So the magnetic field lines enter the loop and exit towards the South pole.

As the magnet moves towards from the loop, the flux through the loop is increasing (as magnetic field increases) in the direction opposite to the direction of movement of the magnet.  To oppose this increase in flux, the current flows in the loop in the clock wise direction, so that induced magnetic field is in the direction opposite to the magnetic field caused by the permanent magnet.

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