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Culture basically comprises of the ideology, customs practiced and followed and the lifestyle of people of a particular society or a group and talking at a wider stage, a country as well. It is the self identity and a self-portrait story of it's origin and the purpose which culture plays behind the curtains of ancient as well as today's hectic life. Culture plays a significant role as it binds, holds on a society and simultaneously creates a sense of unity within people through different festivals, moral values and ethics it posses and nourishes us. But, on the contrary it has several demerits as well, like the superstition of people coupled with social division with other cultures as well.
Therefore, we should not let the new high-tech technology and modernism affect or destroy our culture and values and should take care that it's demerits and superstition also doesn't shatter the peace and righteousness.  
                                                                                          -Diksha Bhardwaj

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culture of india
Mr Rajan, i gave my ASL today only but on a different topic. and talking about CULTURE, cbsc has not mentioned that if it is India's or in general.
so gentleman, you can chose to go for it if u wish :) or else it is your choice.
are you having more on this
i apology sir, i am afraid i am not