Dear Nikhilesh,
                     I hope you are good health by Gods grace.How is mother and father doing? I heard he was having vision problems.
                     My dear brother,now the time is crucial. You have start your preparations for the Boards. You may not like it,but it is for the best. You will be successful in life. The first and the foremost thing is too work hard. Hard work can achieve anything. 
Practice writing fast. You must be very swift in writing,to finish the paper fast,then check for mistakes. Don't stay up late. Instead,wake up very early to study. Never keep pending works. Finish as much as possible.
        I want to see you as the school topper. I have faith in you and I have seen your  potential,yes,you are capable of achieving such a thing. Please convey my sincerest regards to mother and father,and take care of them. They are ageing. 
                                                                                                Your brother,

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Dear xxxv,
                 Hi xxx I am fine here. how r u? I have listen that your exam is near .I am writting this letter to tell u some tips for exam.Give yourself enough time.Organise your study space and practise. Read thoroghly and be prepared for exams.
 Your's Faithfully