Yes 51/3 is an improper fraction because the numerator is bigger than the denominator.
1 5 1
may be it a mixed fraction 5 1/3.
the mixed fraction 5 1/3 can be written in the form of improper fraction as 17/5. ie.,5* the denominator 3 + the numerator.
oh it is in mixed fraction, sorry answer will be 16/3
yeah and did you notice i gave the answer wrong as 17/5 instead it is 16/3..Its ok.
It's already in an improper fraction
isn`t it a mixed fraction?
no dear....a mixed fraction consist of a whole no. and a proper fraction
5 is a whole no , and 1/3 is a proper fraction . Hence it is a MIXED FRACTION
i was not clear...u r right, maybe it is