A mind is a very important thing and wihanthout it of course we would be no more than chimpanzees or hippos thinking how to get food. the world has greatly changed its course but only by the phrase or proverb i write here. if you know that the mind is not a big barn or storehouse. it is a great  honor if you or anybody uses this mind
In our mind there is so many thoughts comes daily which comes without any conclusion or without any practical usage. every information or thought it gets, calculates and reaches a conclusion.
And when it comes to the fact of mind not being a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled, undoubtedly it's cent per cent true. When we give a little more thought to the saying, its amazing how very deep a meaning it offers. 
Consider this single instance- suppose Galilio didn't kindle his curiosity, suppose he filled his head with the wrong ideas. I don't need to tell you any further.