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Just for growing more and more houses and factories
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Trees have a vital role on this planet. They account for about 30 percent of the earth's oxygen.Deforestation or cutting trees is a major problem in today's world. Well it an easy answer.
1) The wood that we get from trees is used for the production of furniture, paper etc. Or in simple words it is for profit.
2) The population is increasing so of course more land is needed, so there is no other option other than cutting trees.
3) People cut down trees and plant it in their houses. This makes trees grow faster. But they do not realize that the forest land is cut.
4) Sometimes trees are cut off because if there is any disaster like forest fires it is too hard to clean up.
5)  But sometimes it becomes necessary to remove diseased or damaged trees.
 Lightning strikes trees, and a number of diseases affect the tree population.So trees have to be cut. But it should be planted again.