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I can tell you the main points of the essay like:
-The importance of our environment:(This is the introduction) The environment should not ignored.A good,clean environment is one of the most crucial crisis on today's world.

-What will be causes:(This will be the body)Researches say that living in some parts of the world will be utterly difficult,precisely due lack of environmental care,by 2020. Some will lack in oxygen,while others will not suitable for live due to extreme temperature conditions and daily needs, like water.

 -What can we do to save the dying world:(This will also be the body)Pollution control,planting more trees to prevent global warming,using less water,etc.Join and donate money to environmental saving programs. 

-(This will be the conclusion)The time is ripe. Every act of saving the environment counts.We must preserve the world for our future generations,for they too have the right to see a beautiful place with their own eyes.
I hope I am able to help.

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Without environment we cant live ourselves.we need water,warmth,sunshine etc to live hence environment is very important dont spoil it!!!!