The day 26th of January, 1950 was a red-letter day in the history of India. On that day the written constitution of India came into operation.The Constitution of India was not prepared in haste but the process of the evolution of the constitution began many decades before India became independent in 1947.The process continued unabated since it origiĀ­nated in the freedom struggle till a new constitution was drafted after prolonged debates and discussions in the Constituent Assembly.
January 26th was purposefully chosen (as the date on which the constitution became operative) because since 1930, the day has been celebrated as the day of complete independence throughout India by millions of people. It is very befitting to declare such a historic day as the day of operation of the Constitution of Republic of India. The Constitution of India was the longest written constiĀ­tution having the best elements of all the existing constitutions up to that date.
The Constitution of India is the modern sacred text of the contemporary India. It reflects the new aspirations and values of the people of India and testifies how the people of India are the supreme masters in all matters concerning the welfare of Indians.
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