Friends, I am in 9th Class and of course I am good in Math, English, Science subjects. Here I would like to think about career. So, which is the best one career line between MBBS and Engineering? I am looking to go with both steams which are Medical and Non Medical in 11th and 12th. If I go through Medical in Plus 2 then How can I prepare myself for AIPMT or if I go with Non Medical then How Can I prepare for IIT/JEE Main and Advance? Looking for best answers.

Thanks in Advance!

you can do both. choose non medical and you can also keep bio as additional subject if u like bio.
but just listen to your heart. listen to everyone but do that with which you are suitable and you like.


I prefer  to do engineering 

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Ok, that's nice. But as I saw that a lot of engineers are coming out from colleges and they are not getting better jobs. So, that's why I am a little bit confused about career.
even engineering is of many types. like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering. mostly people who have done electrical engineering usually they remain workless. otherwise people who have done other two types of engineering doesn't remain workless. there can be but not all. actually it depends on your percentage.
My dad always say that choose career in which you have much of your interest. so it depends upon you that what do you like. so best of luck for your career in advance. but from above choices engineering will be good for you.
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hey! you can do both by choosing non medical but bio as a additional subject.