Globalization has many gains depending on the context and on the person who is talking we talk about gain says that the process of globalization not only includes opening up of world trade, development of advanced means of communication, internationalization of financial markets, growing importance of MNCs, population migrations and more generally increased mobility of persons, goods, capital, data and ideas but also infections, diseases and pollution. The term globalization gain refers to the integration of economies of the world through uninhibited trade and financial flows, as also through mutual exchange of technology and knowledge. Ideally, it also contains free inter-country movement of labor. In main gain for the country by globalization, this implies opening up the economy to foreign direct investment(FDI) by providing facilities to foreign companies to invest in different fields of economic activity in that country allowing companies to enter into foreign collaborations and also encouraging them to set up joint ventures abroad; carrying out massive import liberalization programs by switching over from quantitative restrictions to tariffs and import duties
It is Economical progress . There are lot of products that come from the city China .I think it is Trade and commerce

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