Take a thermocol . joint it like a box but don't cover one side now draw or cut some fishes or what you want in a aquarium then paint the inside of the box with blue colours and outer side of your choice then draw some water plants and paste them on the lower side as pop ups and hang the fishes with a thread on the upper side now at last paste a transparent sheet on the opened side .your aquarium is ready .

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Take a thermocol and cut it equally in 4 sides then take a glass aquarium and then with the help of glass aquarium make a same copy of that with the thermocol. then we got a base of the aquarium and now take a new thermocol and make a rocks and background with the help of maker pen and color. then we should use a plaster of paris to make aquarium strong. then leave it for 2-3 days to get plaster harder and then we would make background of the aquarium and other designer activities and then we fill with water and leave fishes in the aquarium now cover the aquarium and now your aquarium is ready.
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take thermocol break it and put many in a tub
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