During the end of first world war leaders of India brought closer relationship b/w Hindu and Muslims they gave two statement relating to complete independence from British monarchy or full authoritative by Indian leadership under British council .where Indian people get in full swing in support of Indian national movements During 2nd world war Indian contribution and sacrifices is huge .during that period British army lacked man power any how Indians not participate in the war directly much, but they contribute huge in getting wounded soldier from the front line to the hospital. Where British gave respect to this deed's greatly and gave a resolution that we will meet the need of Indian people wisely. During this war time Gandhi gave word to people to take a role in contribution indefending mother land by joing army even thow many criticized his view where it contradict with nonviolence
The first world war was basically a european war in the fact that all the conflict was on european soil Great Britain used indians to fight under thier flag(british).When these indians returned home,some of them became militant.They caused skirmishes and riots that the british had to quell.The country was in great upheaval.Then along came a man called Ghandi