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"A Kabuliwala (a small trader in Kabul) comes to Hindusthan to earn some money...He befriends a little girl called Mini. Mini's parents are a little apprehensive of their daughter's friendship with the Kabuliwala. But Mini becomes very fond of him, and he likes her also. She reminds him of the little daughter he has left behind in Kabul...[Then he goes to jail for eight years for killing a customer who didn't pay him for merchandise]...When he is out of jail, he comes to visit Mini, but Mini is a grown-up girl now, and is due to get married on the same day. This sight fills him with a deep nostalgia, and he realizes that it is probably time for his own daughter also to get settled in life. He leaves the place with tears in his eyes and decides to return home [to reunite with his daughter]." 
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