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It is very important to save the river because river pollution effects even the quality of underground water, causing different types of diseases to those who drink the water. Rivers are the homes of many aquatic plants and animals and the pollution of river water adversely affects the organisms livings there inside the river water either plants or animals.River pollution gives rise to algae which block the air from going in and out of the water resulting in the death of the plants and animals due to lack of oxygen
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First u tell ur intro gurleen then say what i m  writing here if u like.
In present, every river is in danger whether it is Yamuna or it is Ganga. If we be what we are now not caring about these rivers taking no actions against it then it is obviously going to result in the death of all these rivers.lack of conciousness among people of India    regarding signifigance of river is nowadays a universal phenomenon. No one take care of the health of the  river and due to this situation is becoming from bad to worse. It's natural development have been stymied by us in every nook and corner of our country.In some places, rivers have turned to ponds.
please think on and at last i want to say that :-
                   Save Water, Save River and Save India.
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