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      Olden days, the kitchens were not designed very well from all points of view.  The cooking place and storage places (including an attic) were designed in a simple way.  The water inlet and outlet were not well designed.  Free air flow through windows was not assured.  Fire safety precautions were not completely taken care of.  In many Indian houses, the kitchens do not have a facility for smoke to go outside through the roof. 

    The stove was made of Earthen material and was fixed at a location.  The cooking was done by burning coal, dry wood, dry leaves or some kerosene.  The smoke used to irritate the eyes of the persons and inhaling smoke and hot gases was not hygienic.  In many houses, the prayer room was also in the kitchen.

   The space utilization is now better wit racks and shelves.  There is a good water pipe with a sink.  There is an elevated platform for stove.  There are electric power points for appliances and arrangements for keeping them.  There is a location for a gas cylinder.  There is an exhaust fan.  There is a refrigerator in the kitchen if it is big or, it is placed in the dining or living room.  There is a window opening to outside usually.  There is usually no door between the kitchen and the living room or the dining room.

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