As the jungle blazed with light and the unbearable heat sweeped everything out of proportion we lay in our seclude den which was surrounded by bougainvillea and talked about how we are going to start our adventure to the hidden temple.
As we packed our things for the long journey ahead Rick noticed a man peering through the trees. As we sprinted to the trees at the far end of camp we noticed a sharp movement to where we saw the man. The gap in the tree was empty. We postponed our journey to the next day so we could catch our real life peeping tom at work.
As the night went on we set different traps to catch the man. The traps were every where they were up trees, on the ground also there was traps if you trip over a wire lots of rocks will spring into action against you. Through the night we checked each trap to see if we had caught anything. The night was quiet as we sat patiently for any noise coming from the directions of the traps. Roughly at 3 am we heard a loud and sharp snap coming from the direction of our vine traps. As we ran to the trap Rick had caught a glimpse of something in the trees out of the corner of his eye but he chose to ignore it and to keep on running.
When we reached the trap we froze because what we caught was not a man but a tiger cub, which seemed really angry to be caught in our trap. As we easily and carefully undid the trap to let the cub go Rick thought about the thing he seen out the corner of his eye. When Rick told me about the thing he seen we automatically ran back to the base to find a small man ransacking our bags and tent. As we watched in shock Rick leaped from the spot he was standing in and landed on top of the little man, the two men struggled but the little man was too quick and too strong for Rick, as the little man threw Rick away he ran into the trees and that was when heard the terrible scream from the direction of our hole in the ground trap.