We will have discussion on this by telling our friends
that to inform that it is a wrong way and a bad manner of breaking the furniture
and if they did it by mistake then they should not hide themselves
they should agree the mistake so that teacher wont scold them as they agreed
and we all will try to make them aware not to do this and will give them a warning that they will be informed to principle or student head if they repeat this
We can discuss that this is the very big problem of a school. this type of behavior is not at all good for student this shows how indiscipline they are,those students who do this type of activity they not only loosing there respect in front of there friends but also in front of teachers. we go to school for study and we should make discipline in school. but some students don't care they have destructive mind and they always want to destroy furniture is like our home furniture so we should take care of it not destroy it.but somehow students do this and this is not at all a good activity. if any student do this type of behavior we should firstly complain to the teachers then we have to stop him by telling this is not a good activity for you and also for your reputation.