1. head 2. arm 3.back 4. waist 5.buttock/ backside 6.leg 7. face 8.chest 9.stomach 10. hip 11. hand 12. foot 13. eye 14. eyebrow 15. nose 16. mouth 17.chin 18. hair 19. ear 20.lips 21. neck 22.nail 23. thumb 24. finger 25.wrist 26.palm 27.shoulder 28.forearm 29. upper arm 30.elbow 31.knee 32. thigh 33.shin 34.calf 35.ankle 36.heel 37.toe 38. forehead 39.temple 40. eyelid 41. eyelash 42.pupil 43.cheek 44. teeth 45. tooth 46. tongue 47.brain 48.throat 49.lungs 50. kidney
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r u saying to me???
no not you
but definitely only y
y means
i want to write u but by mistake i wrote y
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→EARS                    →BREAST         →SKULL
→ELBOW                  →SKIN              →SHOULDER  
→WAIST                    →THIGHS         →SKELETON
→THROAT                 →THUMB          →SENSES
→NAILS                      →NECK            →SCALP
→WRIST                     →NOSE            →LEGS
→KIDNEY                   →PALMS          →LIPS
→JAW                        →CHICK           →LIVER
→KNEE                      →CHEST          →LUNGS
→VEINS                      →CHIN             →TESTIS
→VERTEBRA            →MOUTH          →ANKLE
→OVARY                   →MUSCLE        →ARM
→HAIRS                     →FACE             →ARCH
→HEAD                      →FEET              →EYE
→TOES                      →FOOT             →EYEBROW
→TOUNGUE              →FINGER         →EYELASHES
→TONSILS                →FOREHEAD   →PUPIL
→HIPS                       →BACK             →EYELEAD
→HANDS                   →SPINE
→STOMACH             →BELLY
→HEART                   →BONES
→GUMS                     →BRAIN
→TEETH                    →BUTTOCKS  

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