Here is short skit you may like!!!
Student 1 :Do you know Rohan always spent his free time in watching TV? 
Student 2 :Yea he his habitual of the idiot box.
Student 1 :Yea! That can cause many problems.
Student 2 :It can damage his eyes and also his physical and biological health.
Student 1 :That's right.It can also affect his mental health.
Student 2 :Really! So what can we do to encourage him not to see that much TV
Student 1 :We can make him to play outdoor games like football,basketball and many more.And also we can suggest him to read novels or story books.
Student 2 :Yes! Novels are interesting and also we can play indoor games such as chess,ludo etc.
Student 1 :That's a good idea also.]
Hope so you like it.