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Bleaching powder also known as chlorinated lime is a yellowish-white powder easily soluble in water. The chlorine content of bleaching powder varies from 35 – 40%. If temperature of lime kept between 30o C – 40o C bleaching powder with available chlorine upto 40% is obtained. It is not hygroscopic, if kept under 40o C.It is mainly used as a bleaching agent and as a disinfectant. The major use of bleaching powder is in paper industry, textile industry and oil industry. It is also used in all chemical industry where bleaching is required.
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Bleaching powder CaOCl2 calcium oxychloride yellow in colour and smells exactly like chlorine. When a freshly prepared calcium hydroxide sol is reacted with chlorine gas then it forms .when it is exposed to air it reacts with carbon dioxide to liberate chlorine gas