Q 1 we are the builders of nation but only if we utilize our power, what use is of education when citizen do not vote and just enjoy election day off write down your views on how people just blame govt. for inconvenience caused but never go for voting in an article in about 150-200 words



We people are always blaming others but never think of what we are doing . it's the bitter truth.we people fights for our rights but do not want any responsibility to be a progressed country's a citizen . a engineer or a doctor don't want to do his job in india why? the reason is lack of technology and salary . but have we thought about the reason about this lackness. no , not at all . because we don't want to . we always think of ourselves only. this thing is going wrong and we don't go to vote and the political leaders take the profit of it. so please be good and do best 
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