I want to share a experience that recently i visited to my grand parents house who lives in a village. the village is totally a new place for me. i visited my grand parents village 1st time in my life and feel so happy to meet my grand parents. i started journey through train and the village is so far away from our city so train takes lot's of time to reach. when we finally reach to our grand parents village we fell very good and happy because of original nature which only founds in villages. we do a taxi and in a way i saw a waterfall in jungle which looks very beautiful at that time. my grandparents village situated in a hilly and jungle area so the weather of that place is always cool. i saw so may natural things in a jungle. i saw how farmers do farming in hilly area. my grandparents village is a heaven. the village is totally different from my the city and village is a gift of god where we feel so happy and free. my last day in village is so upsetting day because i feel so bad to leave that village because the village is so beautiful place which i never be forget.  
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