"Sports and Games"

Introduction-Games and sports are an important factor in our education. The aim of education is physical , mental and moral development of a student.
A sound body contains a sound mind and if body is weak than mind can never be strong.

1.They improve our health- The value of good health is well expressed in proverb- " A sound mind in a sound body".
2. Provides good training and discipline - One who learns to obey also learns to command.
3.Develops a spirit of comradeship - Students play as a whole for team not for themselves.

1.Games and sports often turns towards regular profession or trade .
2. Lead to party feeling and rivalry.
3.Often harmful to studies - It often happens that many promising students sacrifice their careers by giving too much time to sports and games.
4.Harmful to health of weak boys.

The biggest advantage which should be inculcated in our life and is present in sports and games has the quality of team work.
If you understand this than nothing can stop you from achieving anything in your life.

Overall Games and Sports will teach you many things but it is you who will decide what will you inculcate in your life.
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Question ---- Why games and sports are important in our life?
A Speech on Sports and games: 
                    Sports and education is the most important aspect or even key for the students because they students actually study for the whole day in the school and if the students can go and have time spent in the play ground by playing many games in a team the brotherhood among them will increase and students will learn how to dedicate themselves to the game and even when they have a certain aim or a goal they can achieve it. Many students are interested in both the sports and games but the school management doesn't allow them to play instead make them only to study all the time but the thing is that if they continuously read they will not be able to concentrate on the studies properly. Teachers misunderstand that if the students are actually more into the sports or games sessions then they would not study properly but this assumption is wrong students. 

Sports and games are having many advantages like :
1. they can improve their dedication skills of the player 
2. team work skills 
3. concentration 
4. relaxation from stress 
5. Development of them mentally and physical also. 
                             Yeah as the coin has 2 faces the sports and games also have two faces one is the good one which was before and now when it come to the bad side the competition will actually lead to feeling of rival-ness among the players and even if the sport or even the game causes great injuries to the students then it would be a loss. Hereby I conclude that sports and games are really important for us.  
Here are some bunch of questions please pick one for yourself!
1. How sports and games help students to interact with each other?
2. Are sports and games necessary for students?
3. Sports and games will they help students in any way?
4. Sports and games have any impact on the behavior of the students?