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May I have the liberty of using a column in your reputed newspaper to draw the kind attention of the general public and government authorities towards Health Hazard Due to Pesticides?
It has been rightly said by someone that-"If Health is lost nothing is lost If Character is lost something is lost If Health is lost everything is lost"
Health of a person determine his/her productivity, a healthy person can fulfill the task easily and can contribute to the economic status of a family as well Country's Income. We used to eat Green vegetables, Fruits, and often drink milk to maintain our health.
But if we came to know that the things we are actually taking to develop a fit body are actually causing great harm ,then what other things we have to maintain our health. The farmers are using pesticides in order to keep crop protected from disease and insects but the poison which they are using are injected into crops by the process of Osmosis.
We eat those crops and even animal eat them as a fodder and they also inject poison indirectly, which due to Biological Magnification increases its content and emerge out as a Killing Poison.
However our government is quite irresponsible regarding these matters, they always have a single statement that 'the enquiry will be done' but that rarely happens. Certain strict laws should be made regarding there usage content and limit.
So, as a responsible citizen we must put our duties regarding this and aware citizens about!!HEALTH HAZARDS!!

i guess dis is better. because this letter has also came in my exam

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