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Both family and friends play important roles in our lives. You can't live right without a family and you can't succeed without any friends. What makes them so special and essential to our existence? Nobody can deny the fact that nothing is more important than a family. You may not realize how momentous a home is when you're small, but when you become more mature and have an indecent mind, you'll realize that family really means everything to you. First of all, it's where your life begins and the love you are given truly never dies. It's the place where you are loved for who you are, therefore, you're free to be yourself. Second, you can always count on the members of your family. They have been there for you since the day you were born and there's no reason for them to leave you when you grow up. They are the ones who always stand by you, help you face the problems and difficulties you have to solve in your life. They're the ones who teach you the value of love, gratitude, truthfulness and self-confidence. Despite those tough experiences you have to suffer in life which may not come to your expectations, your family will always stand by your side and help you deal with them. They make sure that you know a family means no one is left behind or forgotten. The last but not least, your family help improve your personalities. Being raised in a good family let you have a good head start which will be a huge benefit for you later in the future. PLEASE MARK IT AS THE BRAIINLIEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Both family and friends play important role in our life .You can't live witout your family and can't succed without any friends. 
Nobody can deny the fact that nothing is more important than a family.your life wouldn't be completed without the presence of friendship. in family, it's place where you are loved for who you are,therefore you are free to be yourself. true friends are the ones who you can trust.
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