The bravest person I know is Sir Ranulph Finnes.He is very brave.He is an explorer.He has crossed Antarctica alone in 1992.Then in 2000,he tried to reach north pole alone.But the expedition failed.He was bitten with a frost bite in his left hand.He did not like the way the surgeon look after him,so he cut his fingertips with a common saw.One time,when had heart problems,he gone for a surgery.During that time he ran seven marathons in each continent in 2003.He has climbed Mt. Everest alone in 2009.Although he was scared of heights,he did it.At the age of 65 he was known as the oldest man to climb Mt. Everest.He has written many books like The Feather Man,The Sett,Captain Scott etc.Because of his achievements like this it would be difficult make a biography on him.To celebrate his 69 th birthday he was planning to go to south pole to celebrate his birthday.

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3. The bravest person i know
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