Write a dialouge between you and your Friend (in about 10 turns)
Discuss the rights of all animals to live with dignity and safety. You may talk about any animal, for instance how horses are often forced to pull earriage when too old and unwell or about the ill-treatment often meted out to street dogs.



Me... hey we should save animals because the animals no are reducing
friend.. ya i know that
me... what should we do then
friend... we should ask this to our geography teacher
me... ya.. you are correct
friend.. hello.. mam how can we save our animals
mam... i have a friend who is a newspaper writer he can help us
me.. ya.. mam that a great idea!
mam... i just called him now he has published a news that anyone killing or capturing animal will be prisone or should pay at big amount of money..
me and my friend... wow.. mam you are awesome

i hope u liked my conversation