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I search for forest and see only a few trees, 
I barely see an animal. Oh tell me, please! 
Where is the beauty, where did it all go? 
I asked many but no one seems to know. 

Yet, I know, that we are to blame. 
We have brought mankind to horrid shame. 
We killed living beings for our own gain, 
We took away their homes, gave them so much pain. 

It is time for redemption, to set things right. 
Enough for ourselves, for them we must fight. 
Protect their kind, they help us to live. 
We have taken enough, now it is time to give. 

Plant thousands of trees, give them back their home. 
It is pitiable that on concrete streets they have to roam. 
Don't kill any animal, be it big or small. 
We are all brothers. All for one and one for all

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" Flora to Fauna " 

Flora to Fauna 
amazing you are 
you run away 
to where there's no war 

you do it good 
it's good that you could 
that while i'm on fire 
you're running far 

Fauna to Flora 
I feel quite upset 
ripped off my heart 
all that you said 

how did legs help 
my kids they're all hurt 
most of men gone 
and soon you'll be dead 

Flaura to Fauna 
don't you regret 
it was a rush 
and you're at your best 

you didn't attempt 
sins as humans' 
burning their home 
fooling themselves 

Fauna to Flaura 
assuming your pain 
seems really hard 
and well I just can't 

should it be sad 
your leaving earth 
or should be good 
can't understand 

Flaura to Fauna 
we all are guests 
some of us skin 
so others get dressed 

humans don't seem 
to partially grasp 
one simple fact 
love's where its at 

Fauna to Flaura 
just one more thing 
where am I wrong 
in thinking this 

how are they smart 
when they can't feel 
why can't they hear 
when babies scream 

Flaura to Fauna 
sadly enough 
take care, take heart 
as it's gonna hurt 

it's like a king 
who cannot see 
it's like living 
a freedom unfree 

wars will be made 
blood will be flown 
seen all my life 
so I can be sure 

world could be good 
joy could be ours 
but that would take all 
what they havn't got 

it would take care 
it would take love 
still would take less 
than guns and bombs 

spend all your life 
spreading the word 
love's all there is 
for think i'm just gone ......
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