RescuersMkan is made up of five elements.
Khusbuon Mkan any penalty.S
o this is nothing knew her;
Mkan still considers himself superior. .

Eye of the same five elements - a ghazal

I traveled - rate - rate journey - the journey will go.
Roaming - then why should I go to your house.
Earth is my mother, who raised me,
I was stretched his tired arms.
Life is a bubble on water,I go there to swim.
Much heart-burn, burned body Gar,I rose to go through fire.
Where and are ahead of Asmanon,
I love riding in Lecce - will go on.
Did not hit anyone, nor have ever seen,
Will disintegrate like a scent in the air.
Get you not to look at him sometimes,
I'll be decked in the merger.
--- V. C. Ray 'New'