As the Printing press started to print the Bible, many worshipers, came to know the actual history, not the one which is said by the intermediatories, i.e, The Priests. The bible is printed in many languages in the world, which led the people to buy them as they were cheaper and let them to know the actual meaning of their religion. This influenced the ideas about God and Church.
Influence of the printing of the bible : 
Earlier, texts existed in a few hand written copies.
In 1455, the bible was printed in the press of Johannes Gutenberg in his printing press.
This was easy and cheap for even common people to buy.
So, it attracted people and encouraged the reading.
A printed book promoting new ideas could quickly reach hundreds of readers.
     This made it possible for individuals to read books, since it was possible to buy copies for oneself.
     Ideas, opinions and information moved more widely and more rapidly than ever before.
     The reading of printed bible brought the reality of the messages given in it. The people understood that a person did not need priests to establish contact with God.
The awareness in people was the gift of the printing books.