I have been given a question on storywriting if u can't write a story here plz give me an idea on the given clue. U can give me idea on what story i should write on the given clue:
The clues:
It was my 16th birthday.I was excitedly looking forward for the surprise party. But then the phone rang and them it changed everything ........................



It was my sixteenth birthday.I was excitedly looking forward for the surprise party.But then the phone rang and it changed everything.....it was an emergency and I left everything and headed to the place from where the phone had come.I did not wear helmet and was caught by the traffic police.After repeated requests and paying a fine of Rs.500 I started my journey yet again,now with a greater rush.I reached the place which was hospital.I got to know that my best friend,who was going to buy a surprise gift for me from the market,had driven the vehicle at a highnspeeds and had met with a serious accident.I was called because my phone number was the first one to be displayed in frequent calls.After 3 hours of admission in the I.C.U, my friend was finally in good condition and was allowed to talk with me.We talked a lot and he slept slowly.I felt a cold-crypt like aura which had a miserable feeling and I started crying while feeling bad for my friend.I asked the doctor when could I take it home and he said that he could go back home within two days.I felt a little happy at this comment of his and left the hospital.I visited the hospital regularly and watched over my friend getting well.This was my worse birthday and it gives me goosebumps to even come across this incident in my mind.

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