A very Good morning/afternoon to my dear friends and worthy teachers this is...... From class.... And i am here to give a speech on hobbies and itz interest.I request from you all to lend me your ears for a while. Guys without hobbies life is so boring let think if their is no hobbies in us then at the free time but we all do.. It just so booringg... When we tired by doing studies then we use to give free time to our self to make us relax thus hobbies is something which give us joy and relaxation. Everyone have their one of best favourite hobbies mine favourite hobby is to dance whenever I am free or tired and thus how my hobby make me perfect in dance and give me different personality. Hobby is such a great pass time for us. There are many types of hobbies like playing guitar, reading, dancing, cooking, singing, drawing, acting, helping others, writing diary entry is one of a hooby in today's era. Thank you
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Hobbies and Interests: hobbies and interests only can give a good relaxation to physically and mentally. they are the medicines to us when we are in bad mood or with headache etc. they give a lot of entertainment to us. we can know about a person whether he is a good one or bad one by knowing his hobbies and interests. we can choose a good friend by knowing his hobbies and interests. one can do big things with interests. they helps us in increasing our dedication, will power and determination
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