Children should try his best to reduce watching tv.Because in this modern generation,its really important to mingle with family,friends and nature.They could utilise the environment and play some healthy games too. They could gradually shorten the timing and stop this .And if they are school going students it is surely going to reflect on studies.But on the other hand they could use the tv for good purposes like news, chidren quiz programme,etc
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Today watching TV is everyone's habit specially children as they are so much fond of watching different shows. As we all know that doing something in a limit is good but exceeding that limit can create problems. Similarly watching TV at a very high extent is also not good. It is bad for our eye. It also leaves a bad impact on children as many try to imitate those activities which are harmful. They don't understand that these are all graphics and are animated or they are performed under the supervision of professionals. Sometimes, in the sake of fun they perform those activities which are not good for them or are restricted. So children should think upon this as watching TV in a limit is good.