Cells that group together to perform a specialized function is called tissues.It is mainly of  types:-
Plant Tissues:- Meristamatic tissues and Permanent tissues
Animal Tissues:-Epithelial tissues,Muscular tissues,Connective tissues and Nervous tissues.
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Tissues are the group of cells forms together .

Tissue are of two types →

1.Plant Tissue

2. Animal Tissue

Plant Tissue are ⇒

1- Meristematic Tissue
2- Permanent Tissue

Permanent Tissues are again sub - categorized they are 
 ( i ) Simple Permanent and  ( ii ) Complex Permanent Tissue 

Simple -  Parenchyma , Collenchyma , Sclerenchyma and Epidermis .

Complex - Xylem and Phloem .

Animal Tissue ⇒

1.Connective Tissue
2.Muscle Tissue
3.Nervous Tissue
5.Mineralised Tissue

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