WORLD WAR 1 :- The immediate origin of the war , which began in the Balkans in the late July 1914 , are several . Among these , causes were territorial , economic , and political conflicts between the great European powers in the four decades leading up to the war .WORLD WAR 2 : Among the main causes of world war 2 were Italian fascism in the 1920 's , Japanese militarism  and the invasion's of china in 1930's and especially the political takeover  of Germany Hitler and his Nazi party and his aggressive policy. Problems arose in Weimar Germany that experienced strong currents of revanchism after the Treaty of Versailles that concluded its defeat in World War I in 1918. Dissatisfactions of treaty provisions included the demilitarization of the Rhineland, the prohibition of unification with Austria and the loss of German-speaking territories such as Danzig, European-Malmedy and Upper Silesia despite Wilson's Fourteen Points, the limitations on the Reichswehr making it a token military force, the war-guilt clause, and last but not least the heavy tribute that Germany had to pay in the form of war reparations, and that become an unbearable burden after the Great Depression. The most serious internal cause in Germany was the instability of the political system, as large sectors of politically active Germans rejected the legitimacy of the Weimar Republic.

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