Swetty,I can help you with the main points of this topic.
(Intro) Dreams are projections by the brain,projections which may or may not have occured really in our life. Dreams inspire people. Dreams also lead people to their destiny,just like the star that led the shepherds to Jesus. Likewise,I too,had a dream which probably changed my life.
(Body) I was always told that I was spoiled and conceited in childhood.I wanted anything and everything that stole my heart,and there won't be peace until I finally achieved my goal.I used to cry a lot. 
One day,I had a dream. I was arguing with my parents at a shop about a lovely pair of red shoes that I wanted.They scolded me and took me out of the shop. I started crying bitterly since it was the first time they refused me anything. Angry,I didn't speak to them. 
Then,while the car was stuck in a signal,I saw a beggar boy with his mother.They were begging for alms to the "rich people" sitting in the cars. Immediately,I felt something piercing my heart. Then I noticed that neither the boy nor his mother had any shoes on. I was shocked. I felt an hot bullet making a way through my heart. Here I was, sitting in an AC car sulking about the new pair shoes that I didn't get despite the fact I had thousands. I turned my face away and buried my head in my mothers lap........("continue this")

(Conclusion) Since then,I have never been selfish. I even donated my extra clothes,shoes,books,pens to the poor. I felt happy. Everyone was happy about my transformation and I was loved,very much. That dream changed myself.
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Every human being on earth must aspire to achieve something in life. As the quote says ," A life without a goal is like a ship without a rudder". We must set a target and work towards it.
To achieve a goal, we must first dream that we can. 
I always dream of becoming a doctor. This is my ambition for which I've been passionately working hard all along. I am very serious of making this dream of mine into reality. I dream to study hard, get good grades and become a successful doctor in the society. I wish to clear the world from the cloud of diseases. To serve people is equivalent to serving God. I wish to serve god by serving his creation.. I will be a ministering angel to heal the wounded. I wish to serve the poor people free of cost. I would help in researching about new medicines and technologies which would help to eradicate many killer diseases. This is a dream now...I hope it becomes true.
As our former president A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said, " Dreams will turn into thoughts and then turn into action" I pray the Almighty to give me the strength and courage to bring my dream into reality.
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Just stay focused and concentrate on the right path...everything will be fine then!