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First and foremost the government apparatus should be clean from scams, bribery and illegal activities.
secondly, the welfare of people should be of prime importance.
the prices of essential commodities should necessarily be brought down
our country should emerge as one of the super powers in the next five years
The government should set up many manufacturing companies which will increase the levels of employment, foreign exchange and GDP.
the government should resolve the conflicts that exist between india and other nations
women should have adequate safety and security. 
The government can fund many research projects so that our country advances technologically.
It should promote and maintain harmonious relationships among all the nations.
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There are many expectations of many people from the government which ha been ecently made and that's of Mr. Narendra Modi. We have expectations like all the things all the things and cases like stoling things. and many other cases that are going this summer where peple are getting their body full of sweat there should be no cut of electricity.there should be some strict actions for the criminals and ll people should be treated equal before the law.
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