The 5 measures that Hitler adopted to establish dictatorship were : 1. After the elections the Nazi's began to take the systematic rule of governments in Germany.

2. Poltical enemies were arrested in thousands this means that the Hitler was clearing all the way .

3. At this time loosely concentrated camps were under the control of SA and the revival of SS .

4. On march 15 , 1933 a cabinet meeting was held in which the Hitler declared himself as the dictator of Germany.

5. The abolition of ENABILING ACT by Reichstag  made a major reason for Hitler to establish dictatorship. 

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1 political instability in Germany.
2 Reaction to the humiliating Treaty of Versailles.
3.Promised to give job to the unemployed.
4 To make Germany the greatest country in the world
5 To take revenge of the shame full behavior with them by the winner countries
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