I am not satisfied from the politics that is going on in INDIA.
I want the following changes:-
1. there should be proper checking in every place that the people are working properly or not.
2. some people should be allotted by the government to keep our rivers clean.
3. the road should be maintained and time to time it should be repaired.
4. A law should be there saying throwing trash anywhere is punishable offence and proper places should be there to throw trash.
5. A law should be there that the scrap from factories (especially that chemical one) should not be drained into the river without proper treatment. if it is done somewhere the owner of that paticular factory should be punished.
As every 1 knws todays politics is not at all satifactory as no1 cares about their work ...there shld be a lots and lots of changes to be done such as :
 1) need to improve many thngs like arranging proper security and cameras every whr.
  2) police shld be very alert and need to do their job properly with a lots of interest.
  3) every 1 shld be well educated and lots of institutes shld be provided ,etc..,