baleo is a watchman and signalman at  a wayside near a tribal village .
although he was a farmer by birth he took up this job as farming is not enough to make both ends meet. his duty was to signal and see whether the tunnel is clear of obstruction or not by lighting a lampe for overland mail train.
baldeo was a responsible man he knows his duty and never shirks from it .
he gets up at dead of night and proceed toward the cutting , unmindful of cold he was brave too. his axe gave him a courage .as it is a part of his life .he was sentimentally attached to his axe because it was made by his father .even a big price cannot tempt him to part with it 
when baldeo realize that the man eater is near by he did'nt flee he graps his axe and stood there and was waithing for beast he did'nt gave a tiger a easy victory but fought till death . and he does he gave a stunning blow on tiger's shoulder but unfortunally the weapon got strucked in his shoulder and the wounded tiger tear him with his mighty paws .the foregoan conclusion is that he had to die